Grant Pounds Kenny

Duration: 21min 13sec Views: 6 710 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: In being paired with Grant and his monster cock - you know Kenny is having a good day! Grant kisses and licks Kenny all over, then Kenny flips him onto the bed and kisses every muscle on Grant’s stomach. They rub and have their mouths all over one another, their bare chests sliding against each other as they lock lips - then Kenny locks his lips around Grant’s big dick! Is it just me or does it look bigger than ever? One thing’s for sure - it looks even better sliding into Kenny’s tight hole! Kenny groans as he lowers himself onto Grant’s dick, letting out relief once it starts massaging him deep. Kenny is such an enthusiastic bottom - and Grant is loving it! Grant shoves his thick cock deep in Kenny’s ass, fucks him till he blows - then rains cum down all over him!
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