Elder Kensington - Initiation

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Description: Wearing only his white shield, as is customary in the ordinance room for washing and anointings, the very cute Elder Kensington stood before Patriarch Smith for his initiation. Everyone was dressed in white, creating an atmosphere of holiness and purity. But Elder Kensington was not feeling very holy, nor were his thoughts very pure while standing in this new and exciting – but surprisingly unfamiliar – environment. For starters, he was a little nervous about how his body might react; The immodest shield hardly covered anything, and he might as well have been naked, he thought. The patient Patriarch knows how to handle new boys with a firm and gentle hand so as to not startle them from the beginning. As usual, he started slowly, reaching under the shield at first, lightly touching the boy’s smooth skin, a subtle pinch of a nipple, a simple slide of the hand over the boy’s hips, an occasional bump with the back of the hand into the boy’s crotch. The Patriarch noticed right away that the boy had a big one before he even had the chance to see it fully erect. As the ceremony progressed, the Patriarch got Elder Kensington out of his shield and hung it over the initiator’s chair. Kensington did not mind at all, he was practically naked anyway…and he felt silly in the shield. Finally naked, everything progressed more simply and quickly. Previously gentle, now it was time to be firm with the boy. Fondling progressed and soon the Patriarch was stroking the young missionary to his full glory. And Kensington certainly has a lot to be proud of…he will keep a lot of Priesthood holders happy with that thing. The more Kensington got turned on, the more receptive he was to the Patriarch’s advances. And when the Patriarch moved in behind him to enter the young man, the boy willingly widened his stance. The missionary’s tight hole was obviously a snug fit for a man wielding such a large member. It was only a matter of time before our priesthood leader lost himself inside the boy’s hole, which then sent Elder Kensington into a climax, spraying his cum all over.