Private Tyler Fucks Petty Officer Rizzo

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Description: Private Tyler is a hot muscled Army stud, who has a taste for a nice set of abs, and he is really wanting to take a look at Petty Officer Rizzo's. Thankfully, Rizzo is only to happy to show off his lean toned body as long as his buddy returns the favor. Pretty soon both are shirtless and clearly happy with what they are seeing. They wind up lip locked within minutes, bodies pressed together, in one of the most passionate kisses. Then Rizzo takes the lead and works his lips down Tyler's muscled chest and abs before taking Tyler's cock balls deep in his mouth for some hot oral action. Rizzo then flips out his own cock and starts stroking it to a stiff rod. Then Rizzo rolls over to lay back and get some attention on his own cock. Tyler throats deep on Rizzo's tool and works his way down Rizzo's ball sack before diving his tongue deep into his buddy's flexing hole. Judging by Rizzo's moans, he definitely enjoys the rimming. Now that Rizzo's hole is loosened up Tyler slides his cock in and grinds it deep. Rizzo grabs ahold of his buddy as he gets the plowing of his life. Judging by Rizzo's moans, Tyler is one hell of a hot fuck as he flexes his butt cheeks to thrust deep into Rizzo. Then Tyler rolls Rizzo over onto all fours and grabs his shoulders to drive his rod deep into his buddy. Rizzo arches his back so he can get the full effect of Tyler pounding at his prostate. Rizzo's lean body shakes from the pleasure before Tyler shoves his face into the mattress and bones him even deeper. Then Tyler fucks him like a bucking bull when Rizzo decides to jump on top and ride Tyler's cock. Once Tyler is right at the edge, he throws Rizzo onto the bed and stands over his head to unload buckets of cum all over his mouth and chest. Rizzo loves the taste of that cum load and licks up as much as he can get.