Senior Airman Everett

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Description: Before Casey Everett hit the porn scene, he was a senior airman in the Air Force. He wanted to do something for his country and get out to see the world. Sitting on the sofa wearing his sexy dress blue uniform, Casey tells his story of how he and his fellow servicemen would throw a going away party. He starts to stroke his cock through the navy blue pants before loosening his tie. The dick rubbing is getting him hotter and he peels off his jacket. Still feeling restrained, he strips off his tie, then unbuttons the shirt; revealing smooth ripples and a few tattoos. He settles in for a good jerkoff session. Whipping his dick out of the fly, he strokes gently for a few moments. Then he takes off the rest of his clothes and gets ready to really stroke. Before he's ready to cum, he get up on his knees and opens his hole, fingering his sphincter. Finally, he flips over and goes for broke with a good stroke session. He can't hold back and lets loose before the camera can catch the release. His rippled abs now covered in cum.