Specialist Ben Fucks Airmen First Class Paolo

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Description: Ben and Paolo are exchanging stories about being military police in different branches of the military. Paolo has never arrested anybody; so Ben volunteers to show him how to take somebody into custody. Once Paolo is wrestled into submission, he starts staring at Ben's crotch. Ben stands above him and allows him to explore the contours of his camouflage covered cock. Paolo wants more than this and reaches into the fly and pops out Ben's stiff woody, which is nestled in a patch of brown pubic hair. Paolo goes to work stroking, then sucking on the wooden dick. Ben is obviously feeling awkward, but likes the sensation of another guy going down on him. This isn't enough for Paolo, so he lays back on the couch and waits for Ben to penetrate his tight latino hole. Ben gladly steps up to the challenge, shoving his bone deep in the airman's sphincter. Paolo is grunting and moaning in pure ecstasy as his prostate gets pounded by the hard dick of his army counterpart. As he rides Ben's boner, his dick suddenly starts to spew jizz all over Ben's outstretched legs and the army blanket below. He continues riding his buddy until Ben is ready to bust. He kneels above Paolo's open mouth and sprays cum onto his extended tongue. With white glue coating his throat and shoulder, Paolo cleans off the last few drops from his new battle buddy's bone.