Troy McNastee and Machael Johnson

Duration: 20:25 Views: 8.2K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Troy and Machael hook up for a hot night in a hotel room downtown and these bears are ready for some nasty action. Troy takes a shower before they get in the sack, but Machael can't wait for his furry cub to finish. The super hairy bear starts caressing Troy while he's toweling off, and once his hands start sliding through Troy's mat of chest hair, he just has to get a taste of Troy right there. The two bears start pawing and manhandling each other, kissing, licking and sucking. Machael has a big and ready boner, and Troy greedily gobbles the shaft, trying to please his daddy. They flip and sprawl all over the bathroom, jerking each other off, sucking each other's cocks and inevitably Machael is ready to shoot his load; he sprays his cum all over Troy's chest hair and Troy quickly follows with a second cumshot that really makes a mess of his furry chest. Looks like its time for another shower for this bear!
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