Deep Sentence & Anal Oracle Scene 01

Duration: 24:49 Views: 3.5K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2019
Description: Models Drew Dixon, Dale Savage. Inmate Drew Dixon gets a visit from Warden Dale Savage, who grabs a bucket of lube before entering Drew's cell. Drew does what he needs in order to survive in prison and knows how to make the warden happy. The inmate reaches up and takes Dale's cock down his throat to get him nice and ready. Drew knows he needs to please and bends over to give the warden total access. Drew is one of Dale's standout prisoners and loves the way his ass feels surrounding his cock. Dale slides his cock into Drew's hole and pumps away until he's ready to completely destroy Drew's ass. Dale reaches into the bucket of lube and snaps on his fisting gloves before he shoves his clenched hand into DrewТs crack. He immediately gets wrist deep and continues pushing until his forearm is all the way into the prisoner. The deeper Dale gets, the more his prisoner surrenders and soon Drew is on his back taking it even harder. That's not quite enough for Drew and he stands up to ride the WardenТs fist. Drew moans out as Dale busts out his hole and finally lets loose to give the warden his reward. A few more sessions like this, and Drew is on his way to an early parole!
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