Army Specialist JD Fucks Staff Sergeant Alex

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Description: Both Army Specialist JD and Staff Sergeant Alex are young lean and toned military studs, who are in great shape. But Staff Sergeant Alex has been wanting to work on his flexibility more. So he went to his buddy to see if he could get some help with his technique. JD starts him off with a couple simple stretches to limber his buddy up, but Alex needs a little hands-on guidance. So JD takes up position behind Alex to help out. He guides Alex, positioning his hips just right, but JD immediately notices that he likes what his hands are feeling, and Alex likes his buddy taking control. JD stands up and spit lubes his cock, gives it a few wags in the air and then starts easing his raw cock into Alex‘s hungry hole. Alex arches his back and takes the pounding of his life as JD drives his hard rod deep into his buddy’s warm moist hole. He gives him a marathon fucking and Alex takes in like he’s been waiting for it for a long time. After edging himself close a few times, JD can’t hold it back any more, He shouts that he’s ready to cum and Alex offers up his open mouth to catch every drop of cum that jets from JD’s gleaming cock.