Petty Officer Eddy Fucks Navy Corpsman Logan

Duration: 25:05 Views: 24K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Logan knows some things about physical fitness that Eddie hasn't learned yet. First the guys are doing partner pushups where they slap each others hand as they come up each time. Exercise somehow turns into massage as Logan has Eddy remove his shoes and socks and flip his feet up onto his lap. As he uses his hands to knead the tension on the bottoms of his feet, in between his toes, and around his ankles, Eddy leans back and watches the magic happen. Logan suggests that he could do a better job if Eddy's pants were off. Eddy happily obliges. Logan's hands work their way up Eddy's thighs, stopping to give extra attention to the area still covered by the black underwear. Before long, Logan's pink lips are enveloping the light brown foreskin and thick hardon. Logan, still fully dressed out in uniform continues servicing the giant meat, savoring the foreskin with every mouthful of suction. Logan seems to find the uniform confining and strips down completely naked before going back to giving Eddy an export blow job. Logan is curious if he can take the girthy piece of meat in his ass. He squats over Eddy's lap and lowers his hole gently onto the pole. Logan slides all the way to the base as he cups his balls and strokes his cock, grunting and groaning all the way. Eddy grabs Logan's hips and pulls him closer, trying to jam every last of the nine inches into his rectum. Logan lays on his side as Eddy sidles up in between his legs, smashing his prostate with huge uncut monster. Eddy pounds him from behind before Logan says he's about to cum. With Eddy still deep inside him, Logan unloads onto the dark leather, grunting as the white wads land in front of him. He obediently licks up his mess then kneels in front of Eddy, ready to eat more. The thick purple snake starts spitting white semen onto Logan's tongue, covering his tonsils and cheek in pearly thick stripes.