Jeff 2015 Solo

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Description: MEET JEFF, A CAGE-FIGHTING, DICK-SLAPPING SLAVIC HOTTIE Dark haired and ripped Jeff has been in the US for some 20 years, after emigrating from Eastern Europe (*) Jeff is a soccer-loving jock who was once a cage fighter. As a result, he’s got a flawless physique, as the screen cap for the video below illustrates. He’s also got a fairly big dick, too, which he manhandles around sometimes with two hands. He also frequently slaps his dick real, real hard, using both his free hand and his flat, fat-less stomach, each time making a thwacking sound that eventually gets a little distracting. Despite all this, no real personality shines through. He has a pretty flat affect throughout. Jeff cums easily, the first time in his own cupped hand and the second time on his torso, with some almost landing in his mouth. Odds of Returning. Eh. Slight. I’d say no more than 1%. JOHN TEGAN * Slovakia - a country in central Europe; population 5,463,000 (est. 2009); capital, Bratislava; languages, Slovak (official) and Hungarian.
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