Jay - Solo

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Description: Jay is a cute, soft-spoken and easy-going new freshman here at CF. He was a little nervous for his solo, but judging by how excited he got (and how much he came!) I think he got over his nerves pretty well! He was 16 when he found one of his dad’s porn tapes. In it, Jay saw a guy jerking off and decided to try it. He usually jerks off at least once a week these days. Jay doesn’t have any particular fantasy he thinks about when he jacks off. He does have a favorite actress he thinks about often! Jay’s ideal girl would be a brunette that doesn’t mind getting dirty but also likes to get dolled-up. He likes a girl that is into sports, like him. He used to be a wide receiver on his high school football team. In fact, his first time was with a girl before a football game when he was 18. She fell asleep in Jay’s lap. One thing led to another and he ended up scoring before the big game even started! Jay says that he’s single now, and not getting laid as much. He loves to go down on a girl and eat her out. In fact, he likes that almost more than fucking! As for getting blow jobs, Jay says he’s never found anyone who was really good at it. I think we can help him out there! When Jay fucks, he likes to penetrate a girl from behind in a spooning position. He takes off his shirt to show us his lean-muscled body. He doesn’t play football anymore, but still goes to the gym three times a week to stay in shape. His chiseled lats are particularly striking. Jay says he’s still a little nervous, but “it’s going down.” That’s good, because we want to see something else go up! It’s been a week and a half since he’s come, so he’s ready to stroke his cock for us. He jerks his shaft and his fuzzy balls and thighs glisten in the sunlight. As Jay strokes, he plays with his hard chest and his big, juicy nipples. Jay moans as he gets even more excited. He stands up by the pool and strokes harder. He rubs his chest some more. He even grabs his tight ass as he plays with himself. He lays back down on the lounge chair and watches himself stroking. Jay says he’s coming, and blasts a long, thick load up his chest! Some of it lands on his nipple. Guess this wide receiver can still catch anything that gets thrown at him!
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