JD - Army Specialist

Duration: 17:14 Views: 5.4K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Army Specialist JD cuts a pretty nice figure in his flight suit. As a crew member, who serviced helicopters, he was responsible for safety and had people’s lives in his hands. Even though he never saw combat action, he took pride in his job and kept our helo’s in the air. Stirring in JD’s flight suit is a major piece of wood that is visibly growing by the moment. Once he unzips his flight suit, his lean toned body is in view as he continues to work his package. He grabs the base and wags it in the air before he leans back and goes at this with both hands. A little spit for lube, and he starts taking long strokes up and down the full length of his shaft. His cum filled nuts sack jogs below his huge cock, ready to unleash a major load. Then he jumps onto all fours and goes overhand on his cock while showing off his assets. Slowly his fingers work up to his hole as he teases it. Then he roles onto his back and starts grinding his wood with his tight grip, JD‘s strokes get faster and his abs and chest tighten up as he pulls himself closer to the edge. Then, all of a sudden, a jets stream of cum flies in the air as he unloads his rounds.