Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks Staff Sergeant Alex

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Description: Corpsman Logan is a very take charge kind of guy, and that pretty much is what Staff Sergeant Alex likes about him. As the two get down to a little workout, Logan starts right off leading. In a few moments, both studs are breaking a sweat, and so they throw off their shirts and blouses and start working on their abs. Alex gets worked over hard until he is maxed out, then gets up to find himself eye level with Logan's bulging package. He can't help himself and puts a hand right on it. Logan grins wide as Alex gets his lips to work on his cock, under the firm direction of Logan. After taking a few slow and easy strokes, Logan presses his hand on the back of Alex's head and drives his cock right into his buddy's throat until his gag reflex triggers. Logan lets him come up for air before filling his throat again. All the while, he keeps full control of Alex's moves. Then he tosses Alex onto the sofa and yanks his buddy's trousers down to his ankles to take a mouth full of meat himself. Logan shows him how to throat down balls-deep (no gags), before he decides it's time to demonstrate his ass eating technique on Alex's pink hole. With a little spit, he lunges his tongue in his buddy's flexing hole. Now that Alex's hole is lubed and loosened up, Logan goes in for it, and slides his raw cock in Alex's hungry hole. Alex presses into Logan's slow steady thrusts until he is used to the girth of it. Once Logan sees his buddy is ready, he grabs his shoulder and starts driving his cock in deeper, pausing occasionally to explore how deep he can grind it in. Then he picks up Alex while his raw cock is still buried deep in his hole and sits down to let Alex straddle his thick cock. Alex holds himself up so Logan can pound his hole. Soon Logan's cum filled ball sack is slapping against Alex, letting him know what is waiting for him. Logan directs Alex onto the sofa arm so his ass is waist high, and explores even deeper in Alex's hungry hole. Logan bear hugs Alex so he can press as deep as he can go, and Alex offers no resistance, surrendering his ass completely to Logan's massive cock. Logan is clearly edging as he probes Alex's hole. At the last moment, he pulls out his raw cock and spews a thick load into Alex's open mouth.