Share secrets with Claude Sorel

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Description: Share secrets with Claude Sorel 2013 Gay Porn Online Though Claude Sorel tries, he cannot keep a secret. He wanted to keep his porn identity secret from his best friend. Then he arrived at Bel Ami and was shocked to discover that his buddy was none other than Johnny Bloom! Johnny had arrived there through his brother and Claude through a model scout. Yet it is Johan who manages to pry away Claude’s biggest secret. What is it? Well, it involves a theme of this edition of Kinky Angels: infidelity. While engaging in this nefarious activity, Claude was caught by his lover’s partner. Claude fled by jumping off the balcony and broke his leg. If his lover’s partner had been as enlightened, forgiving and horny as Kevin, hot sex could have been enjoyed by all rather than a trip to the hospital for poor Claude. Solo, Masturbation, Cumshot, Interview
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