Corporal Adam

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Description: Corporal Adam is everything that comes to mind when you think of a United States Marine. Hard body, tats (including the Marine Corps emblem of course), broad shoulders - masculine through and through. Think Michelangelo's statue of David, with a much bigger package and tatts and you pretty much have Adam. He spent a lot of time doing some pretty hardcore training to keep our country safe. Most mornings, he was already out hiking in the mountains of Southern California before most everyone else got their morning coffee brewing. His favorite moments, as one might expect, involved blowing things up with an assortment of weaponry (his favorite was the LAW anti-tank shoulder fired missile). All that exertion gave him a good sexual appetite, combined with a love for showing off his assets. His big meaty hands go right to work as he starts massaging his package through his jeans, like he was kneading dough, and it definitely rises. Once he pulls open his pants, his fat cock rolls out and he goes hands on. He works his firm grip over the full length, taking long paced strokes. In moments, he is standing tall, large cum filled nut sack hanging below with several days' load ready to shoot off. Then Adam jumps on to all fours and gives up a nice view of his perfect ass cheeks. He raises himself onto his knees and shows off his awesome profile before settling down on his back to get into to some hard pounding action. He works himself close until he is almost ready to blow, then holds himself there and enjoys the ride for a bit. But once he tips over the edge, he unleashes a huge spray of hot creamy load that flies through the air and covers his torso with a nice glaze. All that weapons training sure gave him some pretty good aim!