Duration: 12:20 Views: 8.5K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2011
Description: Believe it or not, jumping on the trampoline is excellent cardio exercise. And yet, new freshman Tristan still manages to find a way to get his blood (and other things) pumping even more! Tristan's lean muscles and spiky blond hair make our newest guy stand out when we pick him up from the airport. He's excited to be here. And once he got to the studio and saw the trampoline and the hot guys here for the shoot, his enthusiasm leapt even higher. Tristan and Cain head out to the yard and start bouncing. Tristan shows off his backflips. Of course, you can imagine jumping around on a trampoline with a big stud like Cain would get anyone hot and bothered. So, after Cain leaves, Tristan needs to take matters into his own hand! He grabs some lube and sneaks back under the trampoline. Even while shaded from the hot sun, Tristan still manages to raise his temperature. He feels his tight pecs and abs and strokes his thick cock – until he blasts out a big load that springs almost as high as he can!
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