Firefighter Alex

Duration: 20:07 Views: 3.4K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Handsome firefighter Alex is equally adept at putting out fires as he is at lighting the fantasy fires in one's mind once his firefighting gear comes off. This young stud has seen some real action, and put in long shifts sweating it out on the fire lines and protecting homes. But once he gets back, he likes to strip down and handle a different hose altogether. Once he peels back the suspenders on his trousers, the view is unobstructed of his olive skin, bulging pecs and ripped abs. Even through his thick fire gear, it's obvious he is working a pretty large hose underneath. Then Alex dives his hands under his trousers to go hands on with that thick hose. Once Alex strips off the rest of his gear (for reference – no underwear), he shows off a nice pair of low hanging balls heavy with several days load. He grips his rod and starts working it slowly, flexing his thick forearms and muscular biceps while he strokes it out. In a few moments he has his hose standing tall and rigid as he changes his grip back and forth for full effect. Then, Alex jumps onto his back and shows off a perfect V back hot tats, and nicely rounded ass cheeks. He throws his butt high in the air, arching his back, before clenching down and thrusting into the bed and grinding his hips. Then he flips back over and strokes his big cock some more, letting his fingers drift lower and lower towards his butt crack. Alex lubes up with some more spit before commencing to give his hose a major pounding. He lays back and lets one hand press his prostate deep as he gets closer and closer. Soon Alex starts breathing harder and clenching his abs tight before he lets loose a major gushing load that flies high and lands all over his chest and abs. Alex definitely knows how to handle his hose.