Gabe - Solo

Duration: 15min 58sec Views: 3 200 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Standing at 6’4″, Gabe towers above most guys. Add his bright red hair and he’s impossible to miss! Easy-going but motivated, Gabe doesn’t have a girlfriend and isn’t looking for one so that he can focus on his goals. That doesn’t mean he’s not getting laid, but says he can go about a month between partners. Then again, he admits he’s probably jerking off 3-4 times a day then! Needless to say, he has plenty of experience for what comes next. After stripping down and showing us his tan, freckled body, size 12 feet, and long cock – Gabe jerks off for us. He pumps into his hand, which looks really hot, as he sits up on his knees on the bed. Standing up, Gabe doesn’t stop until every last drop of cum has shot out of his dick – and drenches the towel on the bed! Obviously this guy must have been pretty good at basketball, because he sure knows how to make a shot!
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