Raw Heroes - Scene 2

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Description: Johan Volny was one of the faces of STAXUS in the mid-2000s – an instantly recognisable feature in almost every title that Vlado Iresch produced during that period, and a name that was certain to push sales of any production sky-high! He was also openly gay – unlike many of his counterparts, who simply signed up to perform in front of the camera with other guys for the money! As a result, he was a fellow who genuinely had a lust for cock and who really did love nothing better than banging the living daylight out of his fuck-buddies – a characteristic that showed in performance after performance, and which made him one of the most popular models ever to grace the studio’s books. Indeed, you don’t have to be too much of a porn connoisseur to appreciate his quality in this terrific scene with Ernest Blue from 2007, in which he very quickly strips out of his fire-fighting uniform so that he can give his pal a much-needed and well-deserved workout in the cab of the engine. Suffice it to say that his love of dick definitely shines through as he slurps up and down the length of Blue’s aching ramrod; before bundling his mate over and fucks him against the side of the vehicle! But it’s the sight of Blue riding the full length of Volny’s notoriously thick and rampant shaft cowboy-style that arguably steals the scene in the end – Blue quite literally squealing out a heavy wad of jizz in the very middle of his heavy-paced skewering! That and the sight of Volny knocking out his own creamy brew all over Blue’s cute little face in the final moments. In short, a definite classic! - Johan Volny, Ernest Blue