First Date Adrenaline With Bobby and Dominic

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Description: In case you didn't know, before we shoot each scene you watch on the site, we often do a photo shoot with the models. This has two benefits: first, it gives us great still photos to go along with the video and, second, it gives the models the opportunity to do a sort of un-dress rehearsal of the scene before we shoot the action. When we shoot the video portion it's pretty much continuous action and the models are focused on staying "in character" while they do what comes naturally. When the chemistry is right, as it was with Bobby and Dominic, there are very few breaks in the action, lots of intensity and very little discussion. The excitement builds just as it would if they were alone in a room having sex for the first time. But when we do the photo shoot there's an entirely different dynamic. The models know that we'll be stopping, starting, standing still, posing, etc and so there isn't the same sexual urgency compared with the video shoot that will come after. Even though they are engaging in sexy things for the photos, like kissing, sucking and even fucking, the ambiance is more social, sort of flirty. They can talk, make jokes, laugh, dance and so on. Almost anything goes in those pauses between each snap of the camera. And with Bobby and Dominic it was the sweetest, sexiest photo shoot we've seen in a long time. It was more than just that they were hitting it off. They each seemed to be so pleased with each other that they could barely suppress their smiles, even when we needed them to be serious for a picture. They were making a lot of eye contact and really focusing on each other sort of like the way people do when they're on a first date with someone they really like. We were so thrilled with the chemistry between these two, we felt that if we could just show you some of the photo shoot along with the video shoot, you'd experience a dimension of the sex between them that is quite exceptional. Throughout the scene we'll cut away to it so that you can see another side of Bobby and Dominic as they get to know each other. Bobby Long - Bobby has been out of circulation for almost two years now (and by that I mean no sex with boys for 2 years!). He's been living in a small town outside of Montreal with a job and girlfriend and really no opportunity to pursue some of his favourite pleasures. But the pressure was building and for the past six months Bobby couldn't stop thinking about how great a bit of boy on boy action would feel. Finally his resolve broke and last week he showed up at our door looking for a fix. His pick: smooth twink Dominic Couture. Dominic Couture - Dominic also had been disillusioned with the Montreal lifestyle and recently moved back to a smaller town two hours away. We didn't expect he'd want make the trip all the way back here for a few hours of sex on camera but we knew he really liked the "bad boy" type so we gave him a call just in case. When we told him we needed a partner for Bobby Long, he accepted immediately. Seems he already knew who Bobby was. We noticed that about 10 minutes after our phone call he had sent out an urgent message on Facebook requesting an unscheduled hair cut. Watch for Dominic's boner in this scene. He may be soft in the moment before Bobby puts it in, but you can literally watch him get harder with each stroke.