Medical Tech Connor

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Description: Medicine is in Medical Tech Connor's genes. His grandmother provided the inspiration for Connor to develop his healing arts. So he joined the Navy, studied hard and soon he was a Registered Nurse. Following his time in the Navy, Connor decided to continue medicine working in an assisted care facility, where he had the chance to save the life of one of his patients. Connor also likes to show off in front of a camera and show what else his healing hands are capable of. As soon as Connor starts working the bulge in his pants, it's obvious he has some major meat under there. Pretty quickly he is ready to let loose his monster cock and go hands on. Next his shirt flies onto the floor as Connor shows off his ginger skin and toned body. As he strokes his thick meat, his other hand explores his body, running up and down his chest and massive thighs. He kicks off his pants giving a view of Connor's low hanging cum filled ball sack. With a nice wad of lube in his hand, Connor commences to run his thick paws up and down the full length of his tool as he plays with his nips. Then he lets his hand start drifting down between his legs, closer and closer to his ass crack. Once he leans back, his finger disappears into his clenching hole as he fingers his prostate with one leg in the air. With both legs in the air, he lets a second finger slide in and stretch his hungry hole. Now that Connor is warmed up, he takes out a thick dildo and slides it deep in until it almost disappears. His breathing gets heavier as he rams his toy deeper until it's jamming against his prostate. Quickly he flips onto all fours and gives up a perfect view of his hole taking his thick dildo down to the base. Connor's back arches as he rams his hole. Then he slides it out and spreads his cheeks wide, showing off his puckering hole. Then he flips back over and starts pounding his monster meat until his abs bear down and his pecs clench. Then at the last minute, he rips loose with a major load all over his abs, covering him in thick coat of creamy glaze.
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