Emerson Pumps Brayden's Hole

Duration: 19:43 Views: 171 Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2015
Description: Brayden worships Emerson’s built body and makes sure that all his needs are met in this sexy episode. He starts with his hot muscles, focuses on Emerson’s hot hairy chest – sucking on his nipples then working his way down! When he reaches his cock, Brayden goes all in for a slurpy wet blowjob, savoring the taste and fingering his ass in preparation for his cock! Emerson lays him down and helps with that. He eats out and fingers Brayden- digging his tongue into his tight hole. Using his spit for lube, the tall jock eases himself in and savors each and every thrust! Brayden presents his ass and spreads himself nice and wide for Emerson and asked to be fucked harder until he and Emerson have both shot their load!