Private Seth Fucks Lance Corporal Roque

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Description: The Army and the Marine Corps have a historic rivalry when it comes to their boot camp experiences. Private Seth has gone far beyond his peers in the Army and wants to show up his Marine buddy, Lance Corporal Roque. So he decides to give Roque a little taste of boot camp Army style (minus the s'mores and campfire songs). Having watched Full Metal Jacket, Seth now knows what an intimidating drill instructor looks and acts like (i.e. a Marine drill instructor) and figures he can butch it up enough to dominate Roque in and out of uniform. Normally, this would be the point where the Army guy dies, but Roque quietly suppresses his giggling and goes along with it so he can get Seth to jump on his hot butt and do some real hard PT. Seth has Roque start off with push ups, and Roque starts knocking them out like the hard charger he is, making sure to show of his hot butt while he's at it. Then Roque shows his ripped abs off as he does situps while trying to act intimidated for Seth. Next up are scissor kicks, and Roque plays it off like he never did any to help seal the deal and get Seth to mount him. Now that Roque has Seth convinced the he can dominate this hard Marine, Seth reaches over to push Roque to his knees. Roque pretends to collapse under Seth's cream-puff touch and starts working on his buddy's cock. In seconds, Roque has Seth's cock standing tall at attention, working his lips all the way down to the hilt. Seth has never got such a hot cock sucking from his Army buddies, and almost loses it, but Roque knows how to hold him back so Seth can make it for the full session. Roque jumps to all fours so Seth can rip off his shorts and start eating that hot Marine butt crack. Once Roque has given Seth a taste of what a real hot Marine butt is like, Seth can't resist sliding his hot thick cock in and taking it for a ride. He flips Roque over and starts railing that hot ass while he holds Roque's legs high in the air. Roque takes that pounding and holds Seth in tight so he can get every inch of that hot cock in him. Seth starts pounding away harder at that hole until Roque's toes are curled with pleasure before Seth starts jack hammering that hard ass. Then Roque takes control and straddles Seth's cock as his prostate takes a major pounding while they kiss deep and hard. Roque rides his cock and takes Seth right to the edge before slowing down and holding him back. Then Roque jumps back to his knees so he can take another good pounding from Seth. With his hands on his shoulders Seth starts driving in deeper and deeper until he gets close again. This time he can't hold back and pulls his cock out just in time to let loose a major load all over Roque's beautiful ass crack before plunging back in to let loose a last couple drops.