Daniel - Solo

Duration: 16min 09sec Views: 4 990 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Cute, dark-haired freshman Daniel comes to Corbin Fisher to have some fun, and I’m looking forward to helping him unleash that fun! Handsome and deep-voiced, he has no problem being in front of the camera to show off his body. In fact, he looked forward to ripping off his clothes and putting his washboard abs on display! He loves going to the gym and working out, and we don’t blame him for wanting to flaunt it. In fact, I encourage more of it! Soon after the shirt and pants come off, Daniel shows off his nice feet then gets to work on getting those unnecessary boxers off. When he turns around, I’m pleasantly surprised by his spectacular plump butt- But soon the focus becomes his nice mushroom tipped dick. He loves to jerk off from the first time he discovered it- “like winning the lottery!” so we let him get to it. Daniel strokes off and unloads his thick jizz all over himself!
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