Phineas - Solo

Duration: 16:14 Views: 1.8K Submitted: 6 months ago Year: 2016
Description: Phineas has been married to both a guy and girl, but he seems to be most interested in guys right now. He loves kinky stuff, and pretty much anything is on the table. Fisting seems to be the one thing that doesn't interest him. Phineas likes to be dominated and is definitely into getting fucked. I got a little bossy during the solo and he responded to just a casual dom vibe. He also thought he could give himself a self-facial, especially if he was "made to" do it. So I got him on the ground and he proceeded to coat his face and eat his own cum. Definitely one of the best self-facials ever to hit the internet, and so feel free to share the animated GIFs!