Elder Xanders - Initiation

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Description: Elder Xanders couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t being sent home. Despite his actions with Elder Sorenson, it seemed that the Brethren were going to allow him to stay on his mission. As relieved as he was, he was still very uneasy with what happened at his last visit to the temple. President Oaks took a great deal of pleasure in spanking his butt as punishment for not keeping their secrets. This, of course, was just the beginning. Once he was stripped down and vulnerable, both Oaks and Bishop Angus took turns penetrating him and using him hard. Elder Xanders’ tiny, little body was at the mercy of the older, larger, stronger men. Still, the worst part about it wasn’t being fucked. Part of his punishment meant he wasn’t allowed to cum! Elder Xanders had been jerking off two or three times a day since he was old enough to figure it out. Despite his Mormon background and his mission, he continued to do it, never thinking it was big deal. As hours turned to days following his unexpectedly rough threesome, he got hard often and felt the itch to touch himself–an itch he was told specifically not to scratch until he was back in the temple. The boyish young man found himself easily distracted, unable to focus on anything but the hope of being summoned back to the temple. Everything seemed to make him horny. After about a week, one night he finally received the phone call he was waiting for–the Brethren wanted to see him. Xanders could have cum just from the way his unyielding erection brushed against his garments as he made his way into the temple. The temple patrons took him in and brought him to a room to change. He was told to strip completely and put on a temple shield. The white sheet was enormous on him, practically weighing down his tiny body. The giant cloth, however, provided Xanders just the cover he needed to hide his boner and continue forward. As he entered the next room, he was bathed in bright white light. The light seemed to pour out around him, though he knew that in this part of the temple there wasn’t a single window. Standing by the far wall stood Brother Strang. Brother Strang was a very tall man, probably about a solid foot taller than Elder Xanders. His face was that of a viking’s: hard and somewhat rakish, with a long, bushy beard that hung from his chin and over the knot of his tie. Despite his otherwise rough disposition, his hair was impeccably combed and parted, his clothes were as white as the room, and he stood with unimpeachable authority and power. Xanders stood still beside him, following his few spoken instructions carefully. Brother Strang took a small amount of oil in his hands and began to anoint the young boy’s body. As he spoke, the words of the ritual put Xanders into a kind of erotic trance, intensified by the older man’s gentle, invasive touches over his his already sensitive skin. As Strang ran his hands across the boy’s chest, Xanders let out a fluttered breath. Strang heard this and paused only for second before continuing to the boy’s stomach, legs, and loins. Xanders did his best to contain his expressions, not wanting to appear to enjoy this too much. His body, however, betrayed his will as each point of contact between fingers and flesh shot sparks directly to his crotch. Seeing the boy’s rising excitement, Brother Strang kneeled down in front of the boy’s genitals. Taking the Xanders’ testicles in his hand, he cupped his penis and began to lightly stroke his aroused shaft. Xanders looked down, watching at the man’s actions. Strang looked up and caught his eye. Elder Xanders could see a dark look in the man’s face: scary, but still exciting. Something in the way this man looked at him made him feel less like an anointed missionary and more like a rabbit being seen by a hungry wolf. Brother Strang stood up, rising high above the tiny missionary, and, without warning, took the boy’s butt into his hands, pulled him forward, and kissed him passionately. A part of Xanders wanted to run, frightened and timid like that rabbit. But a bigger part wanted to be devoured. Strang tore the loose robe from Xanders’ body. Pulling him close again, Strang’s beard brushed against his smooth face, surprisingly soft on his tender skin. As his mouth continued to invade his own, Xanders felt the sexy man’s fingers tease his hole. His body was nearly shaking with the powerful, pent-up urges the Brethren had forced him hold. With every manipulation of his butt and hole, he lost himself in his pleasure. Brother Strang guided the boy to his knees, feeling the heat rise off his crotch and hole. With the boy down below him, he unbuckled his belt and pulled out his erection. Elder Xanders took it in his hand, amazed at how long and thick his shaft was. In a moment of excitement, Xander threw his mouth down on it, feeling it hit the back of throat unexpectedly, causing him to choke and gag on the end of his member. Brother Strang looked down and laughed lightly. The smile through his beard was supportive, but still had a tone that suggested great pleasure in seeing the boy struggle on the size of his endowment. Barely under his breath, Elder Xanders could hear the tall man say, “That’s it, boy.” Xanders’ eyes welled up slightly, just enough to make his eyes bright and shiny when he looked up at Brother Strang. The older man was amazed by how well the boy was doing. He looked too young to be so capable. But he knew the real test was yet to come. Brother Strang pulled his cock out of Xanders’ tight and dedicated grasp, giving himself the chance to remove his pants and strip down to his garments. With his legs freed, he took Xanders and laid him down on the floor on his back, allowing him to rest on a large, white pillow he pulled from nearby. With the young boy lying flat, he stopped to take in the sight of his smooth, lean body. The boy’s penis was fully hard, and Xanders seemed unable to stop touching it. Strang took the boy’s cock in his mouth and teased it on his tongue. Xanders couldn’t believe how good it felt. The man’s warm mouth wet and massaged his penis in a way he’d not felt in days. He tightened his hole, hoping to keep himself from losing the feeling. Strang, of course, was just exciting the boy’s body to receive his real pleasure. Taking his cock out of his mouth, Brother Strang pulled his cock through his garments, resting it on the crotch of Elder Xanders while he reached for the oil. The boy’s waist barely seemed wider than his cock, which only turned the man on more. Stroking his cock with the available oil, he placed the tip gently on the smooth and sensitive hole of his young catamite. Xanders let out a moan, his body already anticipating the feeling to come. Once Strang gently pushed himself past his anal ring, Xanders’ moans turned to cries as he felt himself pierced deep. As the older man made his way deeper inside, pumping himself in and out faster and faster, the young boy’s sounds were silenced by an instructive “shhh.” Elder Xanders did his best to keep quiet, but the bearded giant seemed determined and passionate in taking him. The young boy breathed deep, relaxed his hole, and felt his body vibrate as his swollen prostate got assaulted, one hard thrust after another…
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