Luke Loads Up Ellis

Duration: 18min 01sec Views: 6 845 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Ellis has been gone a while, but is back to try out the new guys that have come in during his absence- and he wastes no time getting things started when he gets his hands on Luke! More than aggressive, Ellis is positively hungry for action! He attacks Luke, and though surprised, seeing that Ellis can’t wait another second to get his hands on him is a huge turn on for the tan stud! Their mouths are all over each other. Ellis is beyond ready to get fucked, and we all know that Luke more than good for it. Luke bends Ellis over to enter him and Ellis yells out in pleasure. He’s missed this so much- but definitely makes up for lost time! Lying on his back with Luke plowing into him, Ellis blows his load over his washboard abs, then turns over to make his hole even more accessible for Luke to cum on!
Categories: Bareback