Kennedy Slides Into Jasper

Duration: 14min 34sec Views: 4 263 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: During his short time at CF, Jasper’s already managed to squeeze in a lot of fun. He’s played with boys and girls alike- topping and bottoming for the hottest guys on the roster! Off the set Kennedy and Jasper are very laid back, friendly, and extremely likeable. The same is true in front of the camera for two of those. They’re friendly and extremely likeable, but when they get into the bedroom- they’re ready to for anything and not afraid to initiate the action! Kennedy and Jasper have become quick friends. Today, Kennedy is willing to help his friend out- with a helping hand and mouth! It’s quite obvious that Jasper is horny and wants a blowjob. Without hesitation, Kennedy gets down to business and gives him a blowjob. Friendship is all about reciprocity for these two. Kennedy’s hard and wanting to get his dick in a tight hole. Jasper bends over and presents his ass for Kennedy to fuck! They get it on the bed, in front of the mirror-which is such a treat as they both have amazing bodies so seeing more of it is always welcome- and finish off by covering Jasper’s gorgeous abs in layers and layers of wet hot jizz!
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