Brayden Pounds Jasper

Duration: 17min 35sec Views: 9 079 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: After a busy day Jasper is ready to relieve some tension- and Brayden is always ready to play. When they catch each other alone in a room, they jump right into it! Clothes disappear almost instantly and Brayden is on Jasper’s dick for an intense dick-sucking session. Rather than up though, he moves down to Jasper’s feet to suck and lick every inch of his foot! Jasper jerks off while he watches Brayden’s cool tongue run between his toes and his warm breath blowing along his skin. The warm/cool combination feels so good that he considers just finishing himself off right there and then- but Brayden just looks too hot not to fuck! These two go at it fast and furious. Legs in the air Jasper moans out “make me cum” and that does it for both of them- cum shooting galore!
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