Firefighter Earl

Duration: 14:22 Views: 5.7K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Handsome Reserve Firefighter Earl, wants to be there for you when things get hot. This firefighting stud is masculine through and through. From his deep, throaty voice to his super masculine swagger, this is 100% USDA Grade "A" beef. When he is not saving lives and dousing fires, he shows us just how well he can start our fires. His dedication to serving and protecting is matched only by his skills with his own massive hose. And it doesn't take long before he starts showing off his lean, perfectly toned body, creamy skin and working-man's tan. Like any good firefighter, Earl has an amazing grip, which he more than needs to manage his thick 8.5" tool. Watching him lay back and stroke away on that rod is enough to turn anyone into an amateur arsonist. Like any good firefighter, Earl starts off with a good warm up, slowly stroking his growing package through his shorts. In minutes, the outlines of his huge cock are visible, growing as he works it. Pretty soon, there's no more room left in those shorts, and Earl needs to unroll that hot hose. Having his hose in full view, now it's time for Earl to go hands-on and really work that thick meat. With his rod standing nice and tall, Earl gets busy grinding his big man paw, showing us the full length and girth. His flexing six-pack abs show how his own body lights up. Now that you are warmed up, its time for Earl to throw off some embers and let it fly, and he definitely does not disappoint. With one hand behind his head, and the other working his rod, he lays back and starts gushing huge waves of cum, one after the other. They flow down the side of his cock, slowly dousing the flames as they splash down onto his abs and over his legs.