Cody - Solo 2016

Duration: 18:14 Views: 5.1K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Cody is a hot 19-year-old stud with a baby face, a raspy voice, and shy personality. After a bit of back and forth he relaxes a bit and we see him open up. He’s hesitant to give too many details but the little he tells us is entertaining- and hot! He tells us about the time that he became an accidental submissive. He got his used and whipped, but looking at Cody’s cute little ass- it was asking for it! He gets his dick hard before he slowly runs lube down the bottom of his shaft. Then he strokes achingly slow to make it swell larger in his hands, moaning the entire time. The more turned on he gets, the more that shyness disappears. Face in the cushions, he spreads that cute ass open and teases the camera. Then he flips to his back and shoots his thick load over his feet- rubbing it in with the tip of his cock!
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