Grant - Solo

Duration: 18min 17sec Views: 2 978 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: There are some guys that just ooze sexuality and chemistry and know how to make some quality, captivating porn. So putting Luke and Grant together, I expect them not only to put on an incredibly hot show - but also have a blast enjoying each other’s bodies and getting off! They take their time, rubbing their beautiful bodies together. Luke buries his face between Grants cheeks to adore Grant’s hole with his mouth, then glides his throbbing cock into Grant slowly so that they both can relish in each individual inch. When Luke’s balls deep, Grant moans, “Give it to me” and Luke really starts going at it - drilling the hot stud in front of him relentlessly! Grant’s big hard dick bounces with each thrust, his toes splayed in reaction to the sensation. With Luke drilling him from underneath and his legs spread wide, Grant’s cock is front and center as he spurts of shot after shot of cum - which Luke stares at with a lust-crazed adoration! He wants nothing more than to jam his wet spunk deep up Grant’s ass!
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