Coen's First Time

Duration: 17:13 Views: 18K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: From the start of the video you can see how bad Jon wants this to happen. What you don’t see is that Jon worked on getting Coen to agree to m/m- and to let him be the one to break him in! Jon wastes no time helping to get Coen’s clothes off so he can lick and kiss that toned body all over- then he sucks Coen’s cock long and hard. Jon wants Coen so bad and he lets him know it. Jon moans as Coen drills into his ass and he pushes Coen to go harder and deeper. New or not, Jon is going to get the best fuck out of Coen. One leg over a chair with Coen pounding from behind, Jon’s coaching pays off as they both make a creamy cum-filled mess- that neither are sorry about!
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