Julian - Solo

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Description: Julian is a serious guy who came out to seriously impress while jerking off! He’s a smart guy with admittedly high standards, even with himself- which he definitely meets! His dominant attitude, exotic features, and worked-out and cut body make him hard to resist. He’s not shy about how much he likes to jerk off, on average jerking off 2 times a day unless he’s planning on getting laid- and he doesn’t take the chore lightly! This stud puts on a show! When Julian jerks off, his whole body gets into it. Julian thrusts as he rubs his cock, hot ass tightening and flexing. Julian plays dick like an instrument and lets just say he’s really into the music! Moaning, crying out, and showing off every chiseled inch of his body- we can practically feel his orgasm with him when he cums!
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