Hugh Creams Alex

Duration: 17:32 Views: 8.6K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Clearly Alex loves having sex, we’ve seen it in his expressions from fucking coeds and, recently, hot men. Although he’s a bit nervous to bottom for the first time, I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised and glad that he’s found a new way to experience and enjoy sex. Either way, I was eager to see him get fucked, and I wasn’t alone. Requests to see that bubble-butt get railed have come in since the lean blond came through our doors. Also a newcomer but extremely talented, Hugh was glad to be the one to break in Alex. He had plans to make this the most memorable sex he’s ever had, and all I can say after watching it is- Mission Accomplished! Hugh uses his big cock to rock Alex in ways he never imagined. What happens to Alex, surprises even Alex himself. A hard cock in his ass, giving him new sensations, while heightening the ones he’s used to turns him into a complete sex fiend! He begs to be choked, slapped, and used like a doll. The deeper and harder Hugh pumps, the closer Alex gets to climax, and when he does shoot his load- it keeps on coming! He’s fucked so good, he begs to be seeded! Something else he didn't expect he'd want so much!
Categories: Bareback