Kellan Swallows Matt

Duration: 17:30 Views: 34K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2016
Description: After a day of hanging out and enjoying what the day has to offer, Matt and Kellan bare their strong beautiful bodies. It’s obvious that they like each other’s company. The dark-haired, clean-cut men act on their attraction. Kellan starts on his knees while Matt’s head rolls back in pleasure. Then making out on the couch, hurriedly undressing so that Matt can get a taste. Matt kisses Kellan’s tan abs and flows up and down on his dick. Laying him down on the couch, Matt enters Kellan and the chemistry we’d been seeing sparks into fireworks between them. Kellan’s want for Matt is clear on his face. When he gets that long thick cock inside him he cries out, wrapping his leg around him. His facial expressions only get more intense as Matt flips him over and hangs him off the side of the couch, pushing deeper into him still. The culmination of it all hits Kellan as he’s riding Matt’s capable cock. Matt makes sure he doesn’t slow down for a second though- he’s about to cum! Just before, he pumps ferociously. Knowing he’s about to blow, Kellan makes sure he’s there to catch that hot cum in his mouth!
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