Grant Slides Into Quinn

Duration: 24min 26sec Views: 10 963 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: From all the emails and feedback I’ve gathered that people have not tired of seeing Grant in action. Good, because neither have I! Another stud that also never has a shortage of requests is Quinn. So lets see them in action! Both of these in-demand studs are in prime form- and look even better than ever together! We’re in quite the treat for this video! Grant’s never been eaten out before, and by the girthy hard-on we see as Quinn licks from tip of his head all the way up to his hole, he not only likes it- he really really likes it! Along with showing off their hot bodies, they also show off how their performance skills! Quinn is known for giving some of the best head on campus, but Grant gives him a run for his money here- and we don’t see Quinn complaining one bit! He’s also not complaining when he get’s Grant’s meaty cock filling him up, even if he struggles a bit at first taking such a big cock. In fact, his only complaint might be that it has to end! At least they make it count- with Grant fucking and jerking a big load from the shredded stud.
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