Petty Officer Rizzo

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Description: Before he was a porn star, Armond Rizzo served in the United States Navy as a Petty Officer. He went to boot camp in the area near Chicago before being assigned to a ship. He passed the physical fitness training no problem, even though he was in with the S.E.A.L.s and divers. He says his favorite body part to work out is his ass, which feels good when it's sore from a hard session. His dick is hard immediately beneath the blue nylon of his shorts, his arms flexing each time he slides his hand along the shaft. He enjoys the feeling of the fabric caressing his hard cock for quite some time before unveiling the uncut specimen. Occasionally, as he strokes, he takes a little time to tug at the ample foreskin at the end of his brown sausage, letting his stiff dick slap against his rippled tummy. Standing to remove his shorts, he leans forward on the couch and tickles the rim of his hole with his ring finger, still stroking his big dick. Every muscle in his body is tensed as he pleasures himself in front and behind simultaneously, arching his back and thrusting his hips backward. His thick, muscular legs are spread with his feet up in the air as he continues to tease his hole. Eventually, he eases his middle finger into the gap up to the first knuckle like a fish hook. After a few minutes, he reaches over the side of the couch and grabs his favorite jerk off toy. Gently gliding his uncircumcised pole into the vessel as his ass puckers, Armond moans with ecstasy. He exclaims, "oh fuck!" as his chest flushes and his body starts to convulse. A stream of white cum spurts from his dick, puddling in between the mounds of his abs. Several more streams jet out as he opens his pouting crimson lips wide and grunts.