Private Antonio And Navy Corpsman Logan

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Description: Antonio served in the British Army several years ago before coming to America to do humanitarian work. Logan is still serving as a corpsman in the US Navy. It's been awhile since Antonio had to do his daily PT, so Logan is giving Antonio a few pointers about staying in shape. Logan slyly gets Antonio to remove his shirt under the pretext that he'd like to see his progress. With Antonio at crotch level, Logan offers to give him something else to work out, which Antonio gladly obliges. As Logan's dick luxuriates in the warm velvet of Antonio's mouth and throat, he quietly moans with his hand on the back of the bearded hottie's head. Antonio seems to be savoring every inch of Logan's piece, swirling his tongue around the head then slowly taking the entire thing down to the base with his nose buried in the patch of pubic hair. With his stiff dick pointing to the heavens Logan settles onto the couch while Antonio gets on his knees like the obedient cocksucker that he is. Moaning as he slobbers on it, Antonio takes a moment to whisper that it's "so good" and to slide his tongue over his balls. Antonio pauses when Logan begins taking his shirt off. Logan tells him to "stay right there and keep sucking my dick". After a nice long blow job session, Antonio is ready to get his due. He stands in front of Logan, who immediately engulfs the sexy otter's cock in his mouth. As he coats the boner in spit, Logan manages to man-handle his own meat. Eagerly trying to gobble every last inch of Antonio's manhood, Logan buries his face in the thicket of black pubic hair, gagging slightly and holding in position for a few seconds with each bob of his head. Logan slips his hand in between Antonio's thighs and glides his middle finger into the fur lined ass crack before sliding it into his hole. Antonio grunts as his sphincter is penetrated and his prostate gets massaged. Antonio grabs his cock and begins jerking madly before pumping a giant load onto Logan's waiting tongue and covering his face with white frosting. Slurping all that cum up has Logan ready to bust. He stands as Antonio kneels, ready to catch his protein shake. Antonio happily cleans the thick cream from his buddies pulsating cock.