Private First Class Jett

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Description: Private First Class Jett is one of the few and most definitely proud to be a United States Marine. Each day he gets up, the uniform reminds him to strive to become more and to improve himself. PFC is a natural born leader, who clearly never fears a challenge. As a recruit, PFC Jett made himself stand out by helping his fellow Marine recruits at every turn. He then became a helo crew leader, trained to fire the big .50 caliber machine gun from the side mount. He also trained to fly the helo in case the pilot became wounded. Jett is lean, but tough in all the right places, and he packs a pretty thick barreled gun himself. He works his package over through his uniform until he is ready to draw that weapon. Grabbing that rod, he goes right to work, and pretty soon, it's standing tall and at attention. As he starts pulling off his uniform, his sculpted body and chiseled abs come into view. In moments, Jett has his trousers down to his knees, exposing his thick thighs and cum filled nut sack. Then Jett climbs to his knees and gives up a perfect meat strokin profile. His tight butt cheeks catch the light just perfect below his V-shaped torso. He likes to take long strokes at his tool so he can feel every vein as he slowly works himself closer to the edge. Then he flips it into high gear and starts pounding his meat harder. His abs tighten up as he gets near the edge and then lets loose with creamy white hot rounds cumming down range.