Galen - Solo

Duration: 16:57 Views: 5.6K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Galen is tall with darker hair and dazzling blue eyes that he plays up with a blue shirt for his first video here at CF. He’s also got a killer smile with dimples in each cheek and a really nice and fit body. Although he’s trying not show that he’s nervous, the little tells are actually quite adorable, which is not what I’d usually stay about a guy (especially one this hot) but there’s something about him that makes him instantly likeable in a very endearing way. Even when he’s saying ‘how head down and ass up’ is his favorite position, he says it in an oddly sweet way. I’m not surprised at all when the college hunk says he doesn’t have any trouble making friends – I’m sure he also doesn’t have trouble getting laid either! Galen just recently moved and between that and school, he hasn’t had a lot of “me” time so he’s stockpiled about 2 weeks’ worth of cum to blast out of his girthy cock. We can’t let him walk around that full so give him a comfy spot to lay back and enjoy himself!
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