Virgin Kink - Joey Mills, Cameron Parks

Duration: 52:32 Views: 92K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Joey Mills is always on a twink lover's wet dream jack off fantasy team! In this super special scene the young superstar sits down to tell us about his first time in delicious detail before the raunchy reenactment which will leave you breathless. For most of us, our first times are a bit of a fumble, but not for Mills and his Grindr! Even at a tender young age, the kid knew he liked to be dominated from watching porn and wasn't afraid to ask for it. Here our boy gets EXACTLY what he wants and THEN some! Cameron Parks is the lucky lad who plays the kinky college kid that devirginized our young dick pig. From the jump, Cam starts in with devious dirty talk matched by a fierce face fuck complete with slapping and spitting in Mill's pretty mug! Joey eats it up and enjoys every hot second while taking orders like the kink loving cadet he is. Parks came prepared with everything needed to whip the kid into shape. After hogtying Mills to the bed he shoves his sweaty underwear in his mouth and blindfolds the boy. Then, he gives his feet loving licks before slapping the young slut's beautiful, smooth butt with.... more than ONE of his favorite things. The dirty talk keeps cumming while Cameron invades Joey's virgin hole with his tongue and a butt plug which Mill's inhales to it's base while moaning like a bitch. After stretching his sex starved teen's tight hole Parks takes it to the next level and shoves his big bareback schlong deep inside Mill's for his very first fuck. Cameron does NOT go easy on the virgin, untying him only to strap him up with leather restraints and a leash. The position is ass in the air and our virgin gets pounded HARD! Cam keeps the kink cumming fish-hooking the hottie with a smack and spit as he fiendishly fucks his pup on a leash. Parks flips his boy and we get to see just how much Joey is loving his first time as he grabs for his cock wanting nothing more than to nut. His master isn't done playing and won't allow it. (Lucky us, more fuck time!) After choking his boy, Cam is ready to cum and hurries his throbbing hog up to pretty boy's face. He splashes Mill's right in the mouth with the long session's pent up seed, then smashes the salty treat around Joey's innocent face. Our young virgin opens wide, revealing his adorable braces and eating every hot blast he can as fresh cream drizzles down his face. Parks slaps him, spits on the kid and orders him to shower and get out. Mills takes a beat and whimpers "I just lost my virginity." We close with a wrap up interview and Joey lets us know it was 10 times more than he expected but he enjoyed every kinky second of it. If he didn't, he would have used his safe word...... "Pineapple."
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