Backstage - Documentary - BelAmi Gym

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Description: Backstage - Documentary - BelAmi Gym 2015 Gay Porno HD Online Kevin Warhol, Andrei Karenin, Marcel Gassion, Claude Sorel, Rocco Alfieri, Jean-Daniel, Roald Ekberg, Jeff Mirren new BelAmi models: Jeroen Mondrian, Maori Mortensen, brothers Lino Belucci & Aldo Belucci (aka Romi and Petr Zuska) BelamiOnline just released this great documentary bringing us the new BelAmi gym and some hot new models! When the gym in their office building closed, they decided to take over the contract and make this a private gym for their models. The boys see this as a gift to them by studio boss George Duroy. Now they can enjoy a more private space to work out and don’t have to deal with crowded gyms and guys staring at them. And, as Kevin Warhol puts it, they can also fuck in between sets. Head fitness coach Andrei Karenin sure doesn’t approve with this and expects his guys to be more focused on their workout. Btw, what a hunk Andrei Karenin has become lately! Incredible body! To demonstrate horny boy Kevin’s point, the guys who were present while producing this documentary slowly undressed and continued their workout naked. If you look at the images below, you will notice some new faces, like Jeroen Mondrian and Maori Mortensen. Plus a few guys, who’ve been working for other studios before. I can’t wait to see all those guys in action! And yes, also present are kinky brothers Lino and Aldo Belucci, aka Romi and Petr Zuska from WilliamHiggins. So I am sure we will get to watch guys with an even better physique then the BelAmi models already have. And lots of hot fucking around in their gym, jacuzzi, showers and locker room! They didn’t say in which city this gym is. They have offices in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. But it really doesn’t matter because sadly, this gym isn’t open to public.
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