EMT Kayden

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Description: First responders are a special group of people who have to think on their feet and make immediate decisions. What they do can save lives if they are trained well, and Kayden is clearly dedicated to his field. Being in his field also requires a candidate to be good with his hands. And Kayden shows he definitely qualifies in that department as he lets his hands drift down to the bulge building in his denim pants. In moments, he has a stiff one brewing, and has to unbutton to let it loose. Soon, he tosses his pants off to the side and gets at his tool with his tight grip. He works his wood until it stands tall and firm, while he plays with his nutsack. Kayden tucks one hand behind his head as he lays back to get down to some serious stroking. His cum filled nuts juggle below as he strokes on his tool. Kayden starts taking heavier breaths as he edges himself closer. His abs start to flex, and he starts pounding away mercilessly at this meat. Then, all of a sudden, streams of steaming hot cum jet from his cock all the way up his chest. He launches round after round of creamy white pearls until he collapses back into the cushions.