Sebastian Tops Jayden

Duration: 17min 04sec Views: 51 097 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: It wasn’t until this scene that I noticed that Jayden and Sebastian could be brothers. When they’re kissing for a moment I lost track of who was who. Then again, I was a bit distracted from how into it they are. Kissing that passionately gets Jayden rock hard and Sebastian is there ready to take care of the hard-on for him. Sebastian has fun playing and pulling on Jayden’s uncut cock which leaves Jayden breathing heavily, doing all he can not cum right there and then! When Sebastian moves his mouth down to Jayden’s hole, Jayden starts trembling in pleasure. He wants it so bad and he looks lustfully up at Sebastian when he finally gets it. Jayden didn’t know it’d feel this good, but he absolutely loves the added stimulation. When Sebastian fucks him from behind, he’s basically melting into the bed! Jayden cums from being fucked for the first time and he’s completely exhausted and beyond relaxed. Needless to say, he enjoyed it!
Categories: Bareback