Liam -Solo

Duration: 15:24 Views: 1.1K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2014
Description: LIAM THE PROUD There’s a thin line between pride and arrogance, no more true than with models, especially those in porn. For many porn models, living on the arrogant side is a goal, not a side effect or mere happenstance. I can happily report that new Sean Cody model Liam resides squarely on the pride side. The way he tells it, a year ago he was 230 lbs (104кг). and out of shape. Now, at a trim but rippling 190 (86кг), his whole outlook on himself has changed. He’s positively giddy about the transformation. And proud, of course. But I can’t find any real arrogance. Why, I even thought it was sweet when he said he might even jerkoff to this video when it comes out! And in my dirty mind, that’s what he’s doing. Right now. Odds of Returning: Zero. None. No way. One and done, my friends.
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