Grant's First Time

Duration: 22min 33sec Views: 6 836 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: The rumors have been flying in since Daniel hinted about a hook up with a hot stud with a huge cock he’d just had. Seeing the action for myself, I could tell why he was so eager to talk about it- the way he was worked over is worth celebrating! From start to finish Daniel’s face tells you all you need to know about the quality of the fuck he’s getting! Grant is hard almost immediately and seeing that big dick of his experiencing a blowjob from a guy the first time, especially while he has a nice cock in his mouth is beyond hot- and that’s just the start! Things get even better when he slides that hot cock into Daniel. Grant is a natural and incredibly passionate. You can see his curiosity blossom to surprise and ultimately pleasure the more he explores and experience’s Daniel’s body. We also get a better glimpse of his diversity. At some points he’s slow and sensual, in others he’s hard and deep- he’s enjoying sliding his dick in and out of his hole in every way, and does so. There’s no doubt about it, whether it be guy or girl- this guy knows how to fuck!
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